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Vietnam Wildlife Tours & Research Company Limited

Vietnamese official business name: Cty TNHH D?ch V? - Th??ng M?i - Du L?ch Hoang Dã

Abbreviation: Wildtour Co., Ltd

Business license #: 4102034890 issued on Nov 21, 2005

International Tour Operator license #: 79-532

Tax code: 0304112308

Specialized in:

- Ecotourism and Birding tours

- Biodiversity conservation research consulting

- Environment Impact Assesment consulting (Windfarm on Bird and Bat)

- Ecotourism development and training 

- Package tour on request

- Hotels reservation

- Air Ticket Agent

- Transportation?? / Car rental

Since birding is developing in Vietnam and Indochina, we built up Wildtour as a business in 2005 to organise more professional birdtours as well as encourage local people interesting in birds and wildlife conservation. Wildtour Co., LTD is fully licensed by Vietnamese Government. The Business license was issued by Ministry of Planning and Investment; International Tour Operator license issued by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism 

Our guides are well selected, they all speak English fluently and have knowledge of wildlife history. All of them have at least bachelor degree of biology conservation or have many years working as a bird researcher or working as a tour guide for national park and had been trained by Nguyen Hoai Bao to be an acceptable birdguide.

Our mission

1. Provide the best condition for birders come from all over the World to enjoy our amazing birds and cultures. We try to organise the best things so that you can see as many as species possible with least time and budget.

2. Study to advise protected areas (National parks, Natural Reserve Areas, State Forest, etc) to develope and implement sustainable tourism

3. Train local staff to be ecotourism guides

4. Raise conservation awareness to community and school children

Nguyen Hoai Bao (Managing director, birdguide)

Nguyen Hoai Bao is teaching ornithology at Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh city. Bao is also core instructor of Wetland University Network in the Mekong Region, he has taught about Wetland Bird Ecology at many training courses in Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Bao has more than 15 years working in wildlife conservation, he has collabroated collaborated as a Vietnamese bird expert for Birdlife International, WWF, WCS, IUCN and International Crane Foundation to study bird ecology and status within Southeast Asia. Bao started interesting in bird when he was a little boy and becomes professional birder since 1998, he has been travelling for birding around the World including United States, Europe, Australia and almost countries in SEA, with many years birding and leading tours, he has developed birdwatch apps named Vietnam Bird Guide.

Bao holds Master degree in ecology & environment, now he is doing his PhD project about Relations between Birds community and wetlands in dry open forest. The project supported by US Geological Survey and SUMERNET to work in Kulen Promtep, Cambodia and Yok Don national park, Vietnam.

Nguyen Hao Quang (Senior birdguide)

Quang is fulltime birdguide of Wildtour, he is a very experienced birder, expert in identification, excellent eyes and also good skill wildlife photography. Quang is Bao's former student, he graduated biology bachelor majoring in ecology 2009. Quang had worked for Center for Biology and Development (CBD) and also collaborated with Wildtour as a bird guide for a couple years since he finished his thesis researching birds ecology. He has been doing many researches about birds ecology and conservation in Vietnam. 

Every year, Quang will take care BirdQuest group in March so that he will be not available for other tours during this period.

Nguyen Van Thang (Senior birdguide)

Thang is another Bao's former student, he has finished his bachelor in biology at University of Science in 2012 and also has earned tour guide licence in the same time. He was one of members who joined the Spoon-billed Sandpiper and Shorebirds survey in Mekong Delta for his graduate thesis paper. He has worked full-time job for Wildtour as a trainee for 3 years before becoming a professional birdguide. Thang is very good in taking care of people and very enthusiastic and a mega wildlife photographer.

Dang Quang Trong (Senior birdguide)

Trong has graduated bachelor degree in tourism and began to work with Cat Tien national park ecotourism sector since 2002. He is the most experienced  bird guide of the park. He also has traveled for birding throughout Vietnam with WILDTOUR to gain more knowledge before working full-time with us. With more than 15 years working as a birdguide, Trong nowadays is expert of birding in the southern Vietnam, especially Cat Tien and Da Lat, he is very keen to help people to seek out endemic birds and rare species.

Bui Minh Nguyet (Office managing, tour operator)

Nguyet is a microbiology scientist but she is interesting in tourism. She has taken a training course for professional tourism management at Sai Gon Tourism School. Nguyet works as an officer managing and operating all tour arrangement and reservation. She enjoys birding sometimes to be out with tour group for a couple days.

Bui Duc Tien (Freelance birdguide)

A native of Cuc Phuong National Park, Tien has worked as a tour guide for Ecotourism & Environmental Education Center of Cuc Phuong National Park for 17 years. Tien has often guided for many bird-watching and wildlife tours in Vietnam before joining Wildtour team since 2012.

Do Dinh Chi Hieu (IT)

Hieu has bachelor degree in biotech however his passion is software development. Hieu also has been trained at College of Developer in International Programmer, Aptech. Hieu is working at Wildtour as a webmaster and smartphone’s apps developer. Together with bird experts, he has built the initially “Vietnam Bird Guide” for iOS platform and now is working for Android and Windows phone. 

Why birding with us

First of all, birding with us means you have supported to protect our wildlife and threatened species. You also support local economy while you travel to Vietnam. Your money will come direct to national parks and protected area and local communities. A part profits from your trip also be used for in class lectures as conservation awareness in Vietnam presented by Wildtour group

Secondly, we are holding the most local knowledge than other birders in the World, you will be helped to see the most endemics and specificities. If you don't want totally birding, we will also organise a combination tour for you to meet all your requires.

The third, our price is acceptable if not say cheaper than any "big" birdtour companies but we do better quality, we are here with fully local knowleagde and you don't have to pay extra cost to bring your tour leader to our region. With our helps, you also release all hassle of arrangement logistics, permits and so on.

The last but not least, you will be taken care by our friendly guides, drivers while you are in Vietnam and Indochina. You will feel like travel with your family


Nowadays, many organisations and individuals are imitating and coping from our websites and they claim doing birding tours in Vietnam.  Please note that we are not related anything with them for responsibilty.

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